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The success and sustenance of any business in the current corporate setting are
proportional to its popularity among its audience. You must build a general appeal for
your brand that identifies with its nature and intention. This need for brand awareness
brings forth the era of advertising and marketing.
We are an advertising agency of creative and strategic experts committed to marketing
your brand identity effectively. The collaborative workforce of our professionals and the
work environment that catalyze creativity deliver accurate results on time. Besides, our
customer-centric approach to branding makes us the best advertising and marketing
agency in Calicut, Kerala.

Our advertising agency in Calicut, Kerala, revamps your brand value.

Strategy Planning

What determines the dynamics and reception of an advertising campaign? How do you predict its audience outreach from the get-go? Here is where Strategy Planning becomes vital. Your brand’s advertising campaign requires a well-tailored marketing strategy to be in place. Without this planning, any product advertisement will likely lose momentum, rendering it ineffective. Our creative strategists work towards the effect of presenting our clients with foolproof campaign planning. This ability to collaborate with customers makes us the best advertising agency in Calicut, Kerala. Moreover, our tactical skill in identifying and resonating with the target audience multiplies your brand’s credibility.

Content and Copywriting

It is common knowledge that every catchy advertisement is a feature of carefully crafted content marketing. The close association of content creation with the popular modes of brand advertising like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) makes it one of the most demanding departments in a creative agency. Our advertising agency offers content and copywriting services to foster a platform for your brand’s business growth. The copywriting content we cater to an audience is highly customizable and persuasive in terms of existing market trends. It also brings nuanced approaches to marketing and highlights the competence of your product or service.


If you have been following up on the different aspects of digital marketing, you must be aware of the role of photography in brand advertising. Photography is a visual aid that sums up your campaign’s content for the audience within three seconds of viewing it. A professionally curated photograph is decisive for your brand’s guaranteed impact. Our team of expert photographers at ibird brings you personalizable ideas for product photography. We focus on generating precise and clear images to communicate the brand motto effectively. This calculated approach allows us to capture and portray eye- catching product photographs.

Interactive Designs

Interactive Designs have significantly transformed the face of brand advertising. Your product marketing needs a suitable design that resonates with the message you wish to convey. This graphic representation gives you an upper hand in the present market competition. Moreover, you can set the tone of your campaign with a unique and authentic style to differentiate from competitors. We board a refined approach to interactive designing, which lets us speak directly to the audience on behalf of your brand’s vision. Our creative designs uphold the client’s advertising ideas to ensure total transparency and customizability. If you wish to convert your suggestions into artistic realities, ibird is your one-stop solution.

Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

Animated designs called motion graphics are popular among digital advertisers. Publicizing your product/service this way is time-efficient for the audience. Similarly, visual effects combine computer-generated images with graphic footage to create realistic scenes. They upgrade your marketing game by generating visually captivating designs. Our team of digital designing enthusiasts is committed to drafting perfect motion graphics and visual effects for the imagery of your choice. The flexibility we offer allows you to repurpose your campaign’s dynamics if required. Collaborate with us to heighten your brand’s reputation using delightful graphics and visuals.


The success and survival of every product/service depend on its integrity in the current market setup. This need for building an identity gives rise to commercials. Today’s digital age has made businesses switch from print media commercials to digital advertising. This shift has made brand popularization cost-effective and convenient. We work by curating well-researched content and outputting them as visually appealing commercials. Own your brand’s authenticity with ibird’s creative experts who shape the market impact of your product. Expand the potential of your business with the genius of our advertising strategy.

Brand Campaigns

Any business with a clear-cut niche thrives on the popularity of its identity among the general public. A marketing campaign popularizes a specific brand by contouring its identity to appeal to its audience. Besides, it also molds your brand’s narrative to broaden the business prospects, guaranteeing the desired output. Every product/service launch warrants a professional and creative brand campaign in the modern digital age. The creative marketing experts at ibird are here to reinvent apt strategies for shaping custom brand campaigns for your business. Rather than merely building your product’s popularity, we prioritize the campaign’s legibility to the audience so that it has a long-standing impact.

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