What Is Digital Marketing And Why Is It Relevant?


As citizens of the modern digital era, most, if not all of us must be familiar with different types of advertisements. From toothpicks to expensive electronic gadgets, we’ve seen it all. Now, have you ever paid attention as to why these gadgets sell effortlessly in the market? If you’ve guessed it right, yes, it is evidently related to the advertisements and marketing tactics devised by the parent companies that allow them to acquire a marginal profit from these products. Nowadays, these firms have resorted to cost-effective and easily accessible mode of advertisement called digital marketing. Before carrying on to the in-depth details of digital marketing, let us get into a brief introduction of the same.

The rise of social media and subsequent networking has laid the foundation for cost-effective digital marketing across the globe. The success of a product or service in the business market is not only reliant on its originality, but also its popularity. The core agenda of modern digital marketing agencies is to promote brands and thereby popularise them among the consumers. Since a good majority of the corporate giants are capable of spending a fortune on marketing, the small-scale business start-ups are negatively affected. Digital marketing attempts to limit this unfair advantage by introducing budget-friendly marketing ideas and alternatives.

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What is Brand Popularisation?

Do you recall the first ad that caught your attention in your childhood? Many of us are already familiar with the huge hoardings put up on the side of roads, that normally advertise a specific brand or service. What makes these marketing techniques relevant in a business arena? In a world where the corporate market is filled with a variety of commodities and their brands, the only way to invite public attention is by sustaining the brand value using suitable tools for marketing. This is exactly where brand awareness/ popularisation comes into play. Generally, the success and dominance of a particular brand is a direct result of its popularity. This is why it is important to adapt marketing techniques that prioritise their longevity and relevance. This is exactly what modern day digital marketing agencies focus on. Besides mere brand promotion, they provide enough exposure for the product to sustain in the market. If you’ve ever wondered how social media like Facebook and Instagram started making enormous revenue from advertisements, you might already know that it is because of their userbase. Digital marketing widens the reach of a product by familiarising it with the existing platforms with peak public attention.

Common Types of Digital Marketing

As discussed before, enabling sustainable digital marketing tactics couldimprove the popularity of a given brand, thereby making it easier for it to survive in the market. Some of the most sought out types of digital marketing are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influential Marketing, etc. The functions of some of the given marketing tools can be summed up in the following ways:

It is evident that the digital marketing techniques we depend on mus be advanced enough to withstand competition from various marketing firms. This is where ibird – a digital marketing agency focusing primarily on advertising, branding, design and website development – becomes vital.

Why ibird?

ibird is a digital marketing agency that relies on top tier marketing techniques in order to provide the desired effect on the awareness of a particular brand. The firm hosts an entire team of creative and strategic digital enthusiasts working towards making the same easily accessible for their clients. Boasting a 10+ years’ expertise in the field of digital marketing, ibird caters to the requirements of their customers with utmost dedication. An effective window of communication is established for the customers, so that their preferences are prioritised in their choice of brand marketing.

Rather than imitating the most sought out styles of marketing, this digital marketing agency fixates on its creative aspects to bring about innovation in every project they sign up for. They have on board a highly satisfied client base from Qatar, UAE and Oman . What makes ibird a worthy marketing and advertising agency is the positive clientele feedback. The work environment is designed to support a work ethic based on creativity and flexibility.

Progress and Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing paves way for brand popularisation in such a way that business firms are given the freedom to advertise themselves at large. This is also a suitable alternative for traditional marketing ideas involving email and similar media. The capacity of a perfectly moderated digital marketing agency to reach diverse audiences is noteworthy. In addition to this, social media marketing comes with the most budget-friendly options, thereby making it globally available to anyone having access to the internet.

In terms of future prospects, digital marketing is being incorporated with artificial intelligence (AI) to perfect product recommendations and content coordination. Have you noticed how Amazon recommends products based on your previous purchases and searches? Similarly, we have seen that the Netflix movie suggestions are always spot on. All of this have been made possible with the advent and development of AI, which amplifies the creative potential of a given platform.

competition and hence boosting competitive advantage. All of these make digital marketing inevitable in moving forward in the corporate world and thereby promising its increased involvement in the coming ages.

What is the relevance of influential marketing today?

In a world brimming with social media influencers, it is safe to say that influential marketing has a wide reach among the consumers. Since a vast majority of the population idolises influential public figures, this fame could be utilized productively to market your product or service. The influencers vouch for the originality of your brand, thereby creating a positive outlook surrounding it.

Why should you choose digital marketing over traditional marketing?

Digital marketing has proved to be cost-efficient and relatively more affordable than traditional marketing like printed media. It saves a lot of your time in terms of delivering the desired outcome. Reaching out to your potential customers to expand the scope of your business is another advantage of digital marketing.

Does digital marketing help the growth of my business?

Digital marketing helps more than amplify the scope of your business. A qualified marketer promptly analyses the competitive corporate scenario and provides you with apt marketing strategies. It also contributes to the improvement of your product’s image by closely analysing the competitors. Hence, every business setup can make use of these customised digital marketing techniques.

Why should you choose ibird as your digital marketing agency?

ibird, with its 10+ years’ expertise in digital marketing, provides their clients with excellent digital marketing services to sustain their product in the market. Their client base comprises of customers from Quatar, UAE and Oman, besides India. The creative flexibility offered by ibird makes it the best digital marketing agency in Calicut, Kerala.


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