How We Gain 10k+ App Installation In a Short Time Period


About Client

Al zaman Exchange is a brand that is closer to the hearts of natives & others who live in Qatar. They serve the foreign exchange and remittance services field of Qatar for over 40 years.

Al zaman also caters to its corporate clients with specially designed services for foreign currency sales/purchases with higher profitability.

Over the period, they won the trust of millions.

Campaign Objective

When technology started to occupy every nook and corner of the world, their team introduced a mobile application, ‘Al Zaman Mobile Money’ to make international money transactions simple & safe.

Our campaign objective was mainly to increase the number of App downloads.

Our Plan

After team discussions and preparing a strategy, we planned to run a Google Ads campaign for short period.

The campaign targeted the audience in Qatar using attractive images and a call to action to download the app.


We implemented the plan successfully, and the campaign began to run on the Google Ads network which was optimized for mobile devices and placed in search results & display network on Google. Our team monitored the campaign constantly to ensure it was running efficiently.


 10 k+ App downloads   

app installation                                                               

The campaign led more potential customers to install the app in a short span

Our Insights

Showcasing exceptional creative designs & a clear Call To Action can make a campaign successful. It will boost app downloads.

Google Display Network is an efficient platform for app installation campaigns because it reaches a large audience of potential users




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