Our Story


A full service digital& creative agency that helps
brands to connect with its audience

ibird media is a result driven online and offline integrated digital agency that strives to go beyond conventional social and digital media methods and helps brands to capture the attention of its audience effectively. We are at the intersection of creativity, technology, and strategy, leveraging our expertise to get you those real business results.

We Focus

We focus on immediate, tactical results with an eye towards a long-term, strategic vision.

We Engage

For our customers, we custom craft a small team comprised of dedicated researchers, designers, strategists and technologists.

We Craft

We fully believe in the power of creativity to touch hearts, that’s why we craft surprising and original designs that deliver solid results.

We’re the social connectors behind the scenes; create 360-degree campaigns that connect online and offline experiences to the right audience. We are expertized and have the tools of creativity and innovation. Rejoining the togetherness, we creates a great brand.
Our frantic thoughts ushers amazing ideas and concepts of branding, advertising, online promotions, designing, website developments with carefully executed strategies.

Our approach to business is simple: build enduring relationships with brands through works that defines the category.

We help to expand a brand by questioning, listening, understanding, adding value, researching, rewinding and refining this. Plus of course, we strive to make working together less like work and more like enjoyable ride.

A Powerful mixture of People. We are people powered by curiosity. We believe that today’s world requires a different way of working. We call it ‘Smart Working.’

We craft stories, solve problems and create digital experiences. Were Creative Directors, Digital Marketing Strategist, Talented Graphic Artists, Social Media Experts, Skilled Content Writers, Photographers and some other great and talented guys.

How We Work

We are a people focused company where Customer Delight is the ultimate aim. Thus, we consider people foremost in every aspect of decision makings, creative interactions and building systems. We study in detail with keen observation of the environment, needs and behaviour of end consumers to deliver our timely service, smart work, professional designs and to empower our ethics of work itself. We spend as much time understanding the environments, needs and behaviors of end consumers to deliver our timely service, smart work, professional designs, and to empower our work ethics itself.